About Brandon

A lifetime learner, counselor, and effective advocate, Brandon is passionate about helping people and organizations solve difficult problems. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University, magna cum laude, and then went on to graduate in the top half of his class at the University of Georgia School of Law. Brandon first became interested in law…

Why Choose Us?

Real Estate Specialty

We focus our practice entirely on real estate. In our modern society the law has become so complex that it is best to select an attorney who devotes the majority of their time to a single practice area. It is simply too difficult to keep abreast of law that changes daily if you are spread out in too many different areas of law. Plus, as you know, much of the real estate world works on personal relationships. We take the time to cultivate the important relationships in our industry so that you not only reap the benefit of a skilled specialty firm, but key connections as well.

Courtroom Experience

As a trial attorney, Brandon understands what it takes to win a case in litigation. Any great trial lawyer can tell you the key: preparation, preparation, and more preparation. Brandon’s extensive litigation experience helps you avoid common pitfalls in transactional matters, so you can be assured that you will spend less time fighting through disputes, and more time getting deals done.


Our firm uses the latest technology to make all of our transactions and operations as efficient as possible. Brandon’s background in information technology helps him to stay a step ahead of the game when it comes to maximizing the use of helpful technology in the practice of law. This is what makes our firm more efficient than the competition and ultimately saves you money.